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Mike Johnson Visits Mar-a-Lago To Fight For Election Security

Speaker Mike Johnson might be facing a tough vote in the coming weeks over his position, but he’s still doing his best to work with Team Trump. 

The Speaker traveled to Florida to meet with the former president to garner support for new election integrity efforts before the upcoming election in November. 

The Daily Caller writes that the top two Republican leaders are seeing eye to eye on how to prevent Democrats from again rewriting election laws that boost their numbers.

Johnson met with Trump in Mar-a-Lago to give remarks on legislation focused around election integrity efforts. The speaker announced legislation during the press conference that would require individuals to prove that they are an American citizen prior to voting in a federal election.

“So what we are going to do is introduce legislation to require that every single person who registers to vote in a federal election must prove that they’re an American citizen first. They have to prove it. That will be a new part of the federal law and a very important one,” Johnson said. “Our bill will establish new safe guards, it will put us on par with virtually every other democracy around the world that also prohibits non-citizen voting.”

The bill will require states to remove non-citizens from their existing voter rolls, Johnson said Friday.

Election integrity has been a hot button issue for Republicans, particularly those who are fans of the former president. With about eight months until the 2024 election, a number of key battleground states, including those that helped Biden into the White House, are still expected to use many of the election procedures in 2024 that outraged Republicans in 2020, according to a Daily Caller analysis.

Democrats in several important swing states have already begun looking for ways to use voting laws in their favor, even if it means that non-citizens vote in American elections

New Conservative Post reported that the Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes recently launched a new “Election Procedures Manual (EPM) that will permit individuals whose citizenship cannot be verified to register as a “federal-only” voters, which will allow them to vote in the upcoming elections.”

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  1. There is no excuse for people unable to show ID. They need it for doing the basic things, such as driving, banking, even purchasing certain items. If they do not drive, it is very simple to get an ID card at any Secretary of State. It doesn’t cost much either and will come in handy not only for voting, but also banking. It is just an excuse to allow illegals voting privilege which only citizens should have.

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