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Miami International Airport Has Strange Incident Over 4th of July Weekend

A major American airport went into chaos over the Fourth of July travel weekend.

A mysterious green liquid cascaded from the ceiling of Concourse G at Miami International Airport (MIA) on Thursday morning, baffling passengers and onlookers at one of the nation’s busiest air travel hubs. The unexpected scene left many people puzzled as they tried to make sense of the unusual situation.

The Daily Mail reported that passengers in Miami began to worry that they might get sick from the strange liquid.

The fluid poured from the ceilings of the terminal and covered the tile in concerning fluorescent puddles.

The deluge was caused by a broken pipe inside Miami airport’s Concourse G. Authorities identified the green liquid as glycol and reassured passengers it is only hazardous when digested.

An area of the terminal was closed off with yellow tape as passengers took photos and recorded videos of the weird liquid.

Footage of the incident shows the fluorescent fluid leaking from the ceilings of the concourse as shocked passengers walk around it.

‘That’s literally insane,’ one female passenger is heard saying as the green liquid covers the floor.

Officials at the airport tried to calm the nerves of passengers, informing them that the fluid was from the air conditioning unit and purposely dyed green.

The liquid, which technicians said was not hazardous, came from a broken pipe, according to local news.

The entire mess was cleaned up by 10:30, a spokesperson for MIA told Nexstar.

As for why the liquid was green, MIA spokesperson Greg Chin explained that the water, which is utilized for the airport’s AC system, is intentionally dyed green ‘so if there is ever a leak, it can be traced to its source.’

There was no disruption to operations during cleanup, Chin added.

The cleanup did not disrupt operations because the area only included seating,’ Chin said. ‘Passengers were simply relocated to other seating areas in Concourse G.’”

Miami International Airport serves as a major hub for international flights, ranking as one of the busiest airports in the United States. It plays a critical role in connecting North America with Latin America and the Caribbean.

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