MLB Pitcher Cut From Team for Anti-LGBT Comments

The Toronto Blue Jays cut pitcher Anthony Bass just one day after he stood by a post he shared defending his faith and supporting ongoing conservative boycotts.

Bass reposted a video to his Instagram story discussing “the biblical reason Christians should boycott Target” and companies like Bud Light.

“Here’s the reason biblically why I believe Christians have gotta be boycotting Target, Bud Light, and any other corporation that’s pushing the things they’re pushing,” the video said.

The video’s creator then quoted a biblical verse and pledged to “expose the darkness [Target] is shoving into children’s faces.”

The video’s description read, in part, “Target has begun pushing the message of transitioning to young people.”

Bass was compelled by the organization to apologize the day after reposting the video, saying, “I recognize yesterday ​​I made a post that was hurtful to the Pride community, which includes friends of mine and close family members of mine.”

He promised to “educate himself” using “the Blue Jays’ resources” going forward.

Comments Became a ‘Distraction’

On Thursday, when questioned by reporters before a game in Houston, Bass reiterated that he was “working hard” to educate himself, including meeting with activist group Pride Toronto.

However, he also said he stood by his “personal beliefs”.

That was enough for the Blue Jays to cut him the very next day, when he was set to catch a ceremonial first pitch from Toronto LGBTQ+ activist leZlie Lee Kam.

Blue Jays general manager Ross Atkins was hesitant to admit Bass was let go for his comments.

“There’s a myriad of variables,” Atkins said. “Performance is usually the driving one and performance was a large aspect of this decision. Distraction was a small part of it and something we had to factor in.”

Bass is not the only pitcher to comment on social issues. Cy Young Award winner Clayton Kershaw and Washington Nationals pitcher Trevor Williams each criticized the Los Angeles Dodgers for honoring a drag troupe that mocks Christianity.



  1. There is a myriad of things wrong with Leftist leaning Canada, beginning with their PM & ranging down to their woke anti freedom of thought & speech professional baseball team. I think that I would boycott them if I didn’t already not care about them.

  2. “… for honoring a drag troupe that mocks Christianity.“ the ‘troupe’ does more than mock Christianity. They are truly sacrilegious. We’ve seen the videos of their drag queens pole dancing around crucifix that has another man strapped to it. Absolutely offensive to any Christian! Even non-Christians have said this is wrong. For some reason the troupe will still be honored by the Dodgers.

    A few years ago the crazies screamed about “cultural appropriation” with mascots of the Cleveland Indians and NFL’s Washington Redskins, enough where those teams changed their names, now Guardians and Commanders, respectively.

    Why is that not tolerated, but okay for the Dodgers to honor a troupe that adopts the culture of Catholic religious sisters in an exploitative, disrespectful, and stereotypical way, somehow okay? The troupe is truly hateful, evil, and should be disbanded. Their supporters say they do amazing charity work. Well, all that is for naught when you’re an hate group.

    All I can do as a Christian is pray for the troupe members’ conversion.

  3. “There are myriad variables” is the grammatically correct way to say that. Myriad is an adjective, not a noun. Rules are there for a reason. Oh, and Blue Jays suck.

  4. First of all, apologizing does no good. The loonies never accept, still go after you and try to cancel you. Also, apologizing makes you look weak. I hope that Anthony Bass gets picked up by a team that has to face him. And I hope he beats the Blue Jays.

  5. Agree with H.W. I don’t support professional baseball in the first place but no one’s free speech should be abridged whether it’s of the conservative or liberal bent. Period. Kurt

  6. Why is it ok for the LBGT people and all these other groups allowed to voice their opinions and protest against others beliefs but anyone who’s beliefs are not theirs are canceled or fired or just ousted! What happened to our First Amendment
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH? Does that only apply to them?

  7. The Canada baseball play Anthony Brass that said something about his believes get canned ,what happened to freedom of speech. Or now is it that the counter cultural people have the right to speak what they believe!! Does that kind thinking oh maybe make you think of Stalin, Hitler, Lenin l hope so. Or you well wake up some day and wonder what happened to our world. I can only feel sorry for you.

  8. The thing is, railing against other people doing what they want to do – when it is not illegal or directly harmful to others – does no good whatever. It is nothing but virtue-signaling to one’s own tribe: “Lookit me, I’m a good Christian and I’m objecting to these other people who are not living according to my standards or what I consider to be biblical standards!” And an MLB player as well: just shut up and play your game.

    • So wrong. I could agree with you in that players should just play the game. But the problem is that the clubs and LBGTQ+ crowd force people to bow to them and celebrate their deviancy and hold all of these shameful displays and make players endorse them; they started it. Didn’t you see what happened in LA with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence who openly mock, demean and puke hate at Catholics? I gotta a question for you. Why don’t the baseball teams and deviants leave their deviancy out of the game and leave the players and fans alone?

  9. Bless you for standing strong on your beliefs. Praying for you and your family as you face this difficult time.

  10. Good for those pitchers and their beliefs. We don’t need any major league sports to complete our live and certainly not woke nascar. Those mentally ill liberals should go live in Saudi Arabia or Russia and see how long they are allowed to rant and rave.

  11. There is no freedom any more. You’re not allowed to have an opinion, not even a reasonable, traditional
    one. The corporate and sports world are all cowards., groveling on their hands and knees, vying to be the wokest one of all.

  12. On many different subjects and many different situations, my christian friends keep saying “those days are coming”. “They” are not coming, “It’s ” allready here and firmly burying Morality and truth. It is becoming harder and harder to discern what actions or activities I can be involved in being still “in this world” and not “of this world.

  13. I believe in ‘Freedom of Religion’ and ‘Freedom from Religious Persecution.’ Yet, with that being said, I tend to find this band of ‘sisters of sexual indulgence’ performing outside of their bar environment and on a community/public field does little to win my enthusiasm in light of their mockery of Christian women who devote their lives in service to God and people in need.

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