Conservative Influencers See Massive Twitter Payouts

Twitter launched its ad revenue sharing program that saw some conservative content creators receive tens of thousands of dollars in payment.

The social media platform launched the program with no warning through a tweet.

“Surprise! Today we launched our Creator Ads Revenue Sharing program,” the official Twitter account posted.

“We’re expanding our creator monetization offering to include ads revenue sharing for creators. This means that creators can get a share in ad revenue, starting in the replies to their posts. This is part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on Twitter.”

On its page detailing the program, Twitter said the revenue share is part of its effort “to help people earn a living directly on Twitter.”

In order to be eligible, content creators must pay for Twitter Blue and be signed up for ad revenue sharing and creator subscriptions.

They also need to achieve 5 million impressions collectively on their posts in each of the past three months and pass a human review for monetization standards.

Musk clarified that the payouts are not based on impressions, but rather a proprietary metric based on ads displayed to verified users.

Controversial Personalities Rake in Cash

Due to the boycott of Twitter Blue by many personalities on the left, the list of those receiving payouts was dominated by often-controversial conservative personalities.

For example, brothers Ed and Brian Krassenstein, who rose to fame as part of “Resistance Twitter” against the presidency of Donald Trump, received almost $25,000 each.

Andrew Tate, who gained infamy for his misogynistic views, made just over $20,000. He said he would donate his entire payout to a fund he created in support of underdeveloped countries.

Babylon Bee writer Ashley St. Claire received about $7,000 and called for other content creators to join the program.

Twitter said it will be expanding the accounts eligible to sign up for revenue sharing in the coming weeks.

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