Chuck Schumer Deconstructs Senate Dress Code

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer quietly loosened the Senate’s informal dress code, likely to appease Democrat Senator John Fetterman.

Relevant staff and the Senate sergeant-at-arms received a notice on Friday that the new informal dress code will take effect today to start the week.

While senators sometimes make political statements with their choice in fashion, the previous policy required men and women to dress in business attire on the floor.

But the changes will let senators wear essentially whatever they want on the floor, according to a person with direct knowledge of the new policy.

Senator Fetterman is most often seen wearing a hoodie and basketball shorts, especially since returning to the Senate after being treated for clinical depression earlier this year. He typically stands in the doorway of the Senate’s side entrance to vote before fleeing the floor until his vote is needed again.

Fetterman has taken heat for his appearance by both Democrats and Republicans.

During debt limit negotiations, Republican Congresswoman Lauren Beobert called Fetterman’s hoodie “truly unbecoming”. He was pictured standing next to his Democrat colleagues, who were all wearing suits, ties, and dress shoes.

Fetterman’s spokesman joked when asked for a comment about the change.

“Great day for John Fetterman’s body double, we don’t have to buy them suits anymore,” Joe Calvello quipped.

The changes are also being billed as an assist to senators who are called for last-minute votes during their time at the gym or after just getting off a plane.

Staff, guests, and anyone other than senators will still need to wear business clothes as described by the old dress code.

Asked about the change, Schumer said, “Senators are able to choose what they wear on the Senate floor. I will continue to wear a suit.”

This isn’t the first change that has been made to the dress code, though it is the first time the dress code has been effectively done away with.


  1. Disgusting. All of them represent people and should respect that. Suits shouldn’t necessarily be required, but dressing like a rocky movie reject is out of the question. Have some respect for your office. Jeans and a sports shirt should be OK, but not the complete hoodlum/bum look. He should be ashamed of himself, and so should joke Schumer.

  2. Lying,crying,chuckthesmuck,schumer is the other problem, with the corrupt, commie dumbocraps. He stops, or screws everything up, that is good,to pass, everything that is bad,Worthless politician, lifer pos,needs to be removed with cocaine mitch the bitch.

  3. Once again (as usual) the Democrats make their senators bow to minority demands because in leftist speak “a dress code is racist” and, “court is racist” and “promotion by merit is racist”
    and the soon to be announced “elections are racist”

  4. How we dress reveals a great deal about how we view the event. You wouldn’t wear a business suit or a dress and high heels to play basketball because it doesn’t suit the occasion. We dress up for some events out of respect for our hosts or the occasion. Wearing business attire during Senate meetings shows respect for the institution. Dressing like you’re about to go clean your gutters indicates you’re “off-duty” and, if worn in the Senate, shows a lack of respect for the institution. How we dress also has an effect on our behavior. Our best manners tend to be on display when we are dressed up.

    As appropriate attire goes by the wayside, so too will respectful behavior (what’s left of it). Senators will soon stop referring to each other as one’s “esteemed colleague from Virginia” and just jump to “the jackass from Virginia.”.

    It’s true that gym shorts are more comfortable than a suit, but dressing appropriately is not too much to ask of our Senators. Schumer has made another major error in judgement.

  5. This guy is a slob (pig) but it could be worse: He could show up in RuePaul attire. That image works better than eipcac.

  6. What a disrespectful idiot, Schumer should be ashamed of himself. When are the citizens of the USA going to wake up and vote these idiots out of office. Fetterman is not competent to hold the office he has, should be put on inactive leave. The Senate and House have forgotten they
    “ they work for US, “not for themselves, wake up America !

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