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Under Biden, US Army Making Desperation Moves

Amidst Biden’s foreign policy failing all over the globe and the world becoming a much more dangerous place, the United States Army has begun taking desperate measures to fill recruiting gaps. 

In February, the Army announced it was cutting thousands of empty jobs because of the ongoing failures of its “woke” recruiting campaign, which has forced them to turn back to traditional recruiting.

The New York Post noted in November that “the US Army last week ‘released a recruitment ad that critics argue is a sure sign the military is gearing up for war,’ Townhall’s Leah Barkoukis reports. “There are no signs of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the 30-second spot, which features white males jumping out of a plane.”

After several years of stressing wokeness and diversity — and telling troops, “If you’re a white male, you are part of the problem” — the Army is suddenly seeking old-fashioned soldiers from traditional sources.”

Now, they’ve begun begging retired soldiers to rejoin, according to The Daily Caller.  

The All Army Activities (ALARACT) document describes how Army retirees can find and apply for open positions and aims to maintain a sufficient number of personnel to fill all of the Army’s authorized positions. The message comes as the service has publicly acknowledged struggles to balance a shrinking workforce with the demands of sprawling global mission sets as recruitment woes persist for a third year in a row.

“A review of commands’ requests for [the] fill of authorized personnel vacancies, in conjunction with current Army manning guidance, prompted review of how the Army can fill key and critical position vacancies,” the document stated, outlining the current situation. “The retiree recall program can be an effective tool to fill personnel shortages of authorized regular Army vacancies that are considered key and essential.”

Any Army, Reserve or National Guard soldier who qualifies as retired or will soon be retired — meaning they achieved at least 20 years of service — and anyone receiving retired pay is eligible to apply, the message states. Neither age nor disability, alone, would exclude a soldier from joining depending on the disability, and they would still have to meet the Army’s health requirements.

“There is no age limitation, although personnel older than 70 are not normally recalled,” the message states.

Over the past year, Biden’s foreign policy of “the adults being back in charge” has appeared to collapse. The Ukraine-Russia War has appeared to become a long slog costing the United States billions of dollars. 

Last October, a terrorist attack sparked the largest war in the Middle East in decades has led to a liberal revolt against the president, which has seen Biden try to straddle both sides of the fence by appeasing anti-Israel forces by sending troops to build a port in Gaza while still supporting Israel’s goal of eliminating the terrorist group Hamas. 

Finally, the hot spot of Taiwan got hotter last week when it was confirmed by Taiwan that America has troops stationed on “front-line” islands near China.

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  1. The woke biden generals are getting what they sowed, a military not prepared to defend America
    The soldiers fired because of the experimental jabs should be back with full pay and benefits and the mentally ill trans people should be gone. The diversity crap is the ruination of the education system in usa.

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